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Gidron Industries Ltd. - Company Profile

Gidron Industries Ltd. was founded in 1987. The company develops and manufactures a wide variety of frozen ready-to-bake products and frozen baked goods which it distributes throughout Israel and to markets abroad.

Gidron – a leader in the baked goods industry, is renowned for the quality of its products, professional integrity and commercial credibility.  

The company owns two manufacturing facilities:

Dagon – frozen ready-to-bake, and frozen baked products including breads, rolls, baguettes and pizza crusts. All Dagon products are Kosher under the supervision of Badatz Kihilot.

Saharon – sweet and savory baked goods including frozen pre-baked cakes, mousse and cream cakes and a variety of desserts. All Saharon products are Kosher under the supervision of Badatz Hatam Sofer, Petach Tikva, and Badatz Kihilot.  

Both facilities meet and maintain ISO 22,000, ISO-9001-2008 and HACCP standards.

Gidron employs 420 employees in its factories and company headquarters, and manufactures 2,500 tons of products each month.

Gidron clients include retail markets, bakeries, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and café's, Pizza Hut, General Mills and Hakoah Harav Leumi.   

Gidron is a leader in Israel's frozen ready-to-bake market, providing its clients with superior quality products.

Gluten-free – Gidron's new factory for gluten-free baked goods produces a variety of breads, rolls, cakes and cookies.

​Devoted to holding its position as a leader in the Israeli market, Gidron Industries Ltd. continuously allocates resources to up-grading its manufacturing facilities, and broadening its product range in accordance with customer needs and changing market trends. Gidron is committed to using top quality ingredients, implementing production control processes, and developing delicious frozen baked goods aligned with balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.